Swimming + Data Science


Fast, Deep, Fast and Deep

Swimming + Data Science has been quiet for a while as I worked on other projects. Today though we’re back at it in an attempt to quantify the speed and depth of swim meets.

Handling Splits with SwimmeR

Splits are generally reported in one of two formats, cumulative or lap. When working with data I find lap format to be more useful, but what’s most useful is to have all splits in the same format.

Omega Results and the 2021 Olympic Trials

Omega Timing is the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games, including US Olympic Trails. They don’t do very many other events, which is why SwimmeR hasn’t supported Omega-style results.

Introducing JumpeR - For Track and Field Data

Ordinarily posts on Swimming + Data Science have focused on swimming, or sometimes diving. Today though we’re going to visit some of our more gravity-afflicted colleagues and do a bit of cross-training.

SwimmeR version 0.7.2 - Now Better than Ever

SwimmeR version 0.7.2 is now available from CRAN. This new version contains some new features, plus a few changes to make it more user-friendly. Let me show you what I’ve been working on.

COVID Impacts in Swimming Results?

As you may have heard there’s a global pandemic going on. One of the more minor impacts of that pandemic has been the disruption of athletics, including swimming. In this post we’re going to compare results from the New York State Section V girls championship meets conducted in Fall 2020 to the same meets conducted in years past.

Dataset of All ISL Results Season 1 and 2

The second ISL season wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, meaning that now we’re in the off-season. I loved watching the CBC’s coverage of the ISL. The races were exciting, the swimmers seemed like they were having a great time, they were absolutely swimming great times.